Branding, web development and (digital) marketing with Miami Vice vibes*

* Or a cozy warm feeling. Whatever suits your product or service best.

Don’t limit yourself with your product

Gone are the days when people based their buying decisions mainly on two things – price and quality. Today’s market is so saturated, there are enough competition in every price segment. Thus, to stand out in today’s market, you also need to sell your image, positive emotions, great customer experience or even sense of luxury.

We’ll help you figure out the best product market fit and write your story accordingly.




We’ll create your company’s image. One that has YOU written all over it and connects with your audience. That includes everything from coming up with a memorable name and credo to creating CVI (logo, typefaces, color scheme and their usage), business cards etc.



Having difficulties finding your niche in the over-saturated market? Wondering which advertising channels will give you the best bang for buck? Can’t figure out what, when and to whom to say? We’ll help you sort that stuff out and come up with long-term strategy that distinguishes you from competitors.


Web development

When crafting websites, we keep couple of things in mind. First, it has to create positive vibes. Be simple enough for people to use, yet look beautiful and memorable. Second, it has to be fast. Who wants to grow old waiting for website to load? Third, it has to be secure. You don’t want your site hijacked or customer information in evil hands. Mobile-friendly design, clean code & the likes are so obvious, we often forget to mention those.



All the same applies to web stores – they have to be beautiful, easy to use, fast and secure. Due to their more difficult nature, it’s even more important to keep the user experience simple. You don’t want customers to get lost browsing categories or not finding cart. You want to emphasize the products you’re selling. Oh, and of course, convenient payment and delivery methods will skyrocket conversion rates.



Words don’t come easy. Especially if you’re trying to say a lot and yet want to reach your target audience. For that, you have to keep it short for average attention span. We’re good with words, so we’ll help you with that.



Although your product or service might be kick-ass, it’s important to get the word out. We’ll help you with that, be it with Google AdWords, sponsored Facebook and Instagram posts, viral social campaigns or a pop-up studio in the middle of city center. We’ll find the best solutions for your business.


Kahem is a small creative…

…(digital) agency founded by Rauno Kahem.

I’ve worked both as developer & designer, but my true strength relies in project management and creative directing. I’m best at listening to your ideas, improving them, coming up with my own ones and then transmitting those ideas to designers & developers.

Throughout my years in the digital industry, I’ve worked with many wonderful designers & developers and still work with some of the best of them. Every designer has their own style & every developer specific strengths and weaknesses, so depending on your project’s needs, I’ll find personnel best suited for carrying out your project.


Send me an email (rauno@kahem.ee), give me a call (+372 5680 5570) or drop a line using contact form below.